At The Art Klub, we provide a home to art from all over the world. It is an initiative to support students and provide them a platform where their talent can be celebrated. Hunger for art is one of the best gifts an individual can achieve which is passionately promoted by us.

The Art Klub is an initiative by KMS Knowledge Services, a well-known company that actively strives for the upliftment and growth of students via various activities. Dr.Archana Sharma owner and founder of KMS Knowledge Services is also the proud author of a general knowledge book series 'Knowledge Window' for classes 1st to 8th.

The editorial team:

Palak Sharma a class 12th student and a bright poet who aims to graze the hearts of people through her poetry. For Palak, poetry is an escape from this monotonous reality and her best friend in her darkest times. She hopes for a tomorrow where people can find a home in her art.

Spriha Singh, a students of class 10th, loves doing everything - writing works, paintings, and mentoring to. She loves to try different work, new things. She also, love cooking and inline skating, and currently, she is trying my luck in digital painting.

Jay is a class 10th student and keen learner, who loves to share what he has learned. He is also an avid reader. He believes that reading and writing give meaning to his life.

Snehal Sharma has an aim is to be an IAS or an MBBS doctor not decided yet but I also like to write different poems, drawings and reads differently motivating thoughts and books. She is studying in class 8th.

Diya is a girl with curiosity who loves to find out new things so that she can try it and motivate others to do so...She has a keen interest in dance, reading, and drawing. She loves to listen to others first...You will never find her in a particular task or event, she is a goofy girl and tries to grab each and every opportunity...

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