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This poem is written on girls by Spriha Singh, sunbeam school, Jaunpur. The sketch was made by her as well.


If you have boys as friend

You are way to open

If you wear heels

You are very easy to sleek

If you wear Indian

You are sanskari

You you wear short dresses

You have a career in modeling

If you are fat

You have to lose some weight

If you are slim

Baby you need to have some filling

If you can do nice makeup

You are supposed be in beauty parlour

If you are tall

You are perfect to be a model

If you are dark

Your future is too in the dark

If you speak fast

You are supposed to be a debate star

In this society

Everyone has there story

Some are never said

Some are never seen

Some are never born

Whereas some are never lived

Here where we don't objectify men

By there beards or pants

By there shoes or brands

Then why always girls

Why they have to be the one

Let them live their life

Let the save girl child

Not be only online

Let's come together and start from start

Let's fight for our own rights

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