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Written by Abhi

My Last Night.

Your heart is out of reach

You still seem soo close to me

Every breath is a tragedy

Towards the end, I don't have the

Strength to see.

Yet you still smile, as if everything's going to be alright

Was it all really worth making my soul and mind cry

Are "circumstances" really a thing

Or was there something wrong with me?

Too tired but I still try

Chances are dire, Yet I won't cry

There's a heart that's still holding out

Trying it's best to figure out

Where it's supposed be

Yet I won't be able to live through

That it can't be me...

Maybe I know, it's soo hard to see

The same person I've always been to be soo vile

But I'm still holding on, slipping by the edge

Bleeding by every night, waiting for you

Maybe once in this life, you could've ever believed in me.

Yet it's soo long gone, beyond the spiral of no return

All of my hope that you call dumb.

I'm speaking out to the part of you that believes, it feels my cries so innocent inside.

That everything will be fine,

as long as you make it

with me to my last night.

And to the part, that thinks

It's lost it all, keeps telling itself

There's nothing left to save

Beyond the concept of time, it's lost.

It's never going to be someone

Until you know where you truly belong.

I'm still standing here

The one who saw you through it all

Fell for parts and stories you now hate to recall.

I'm still alive, barely in bits and pieces

Waiting to see you smile again

The smile that made me alive

The one that sneaked in, the one you said

"It only ever belongs

To you and I."

No one knows how things will be tomorrow

Or why do they end up being the tragedy they are

Yet I do know I can't ever make it better alone

Even if the world was at stake for you to believe again, I'll still stay by your side

But to the two souls inside of me

They really do know

Everything will be alright

As long as you make it with me

To my very last night.



Just another excerpt wrote over raw during a bad time, it's not up to my standard of writing but yet this one is extremely close to me. Like the one whom these verses were solely titled to.

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