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Written by Abhi


You know I end up seeing you in nightmares. Your silence leaves me dumb-struck. I wake up with tears in my eyes only to realize it's over. My reality isn't in shreds and I'm still hoping maybe one day I'll be able to cry and open up to someone that isn't you.

Prozac fucked me up and I fought back.

But I didn't mean to leave you behind too.

Guilt feeds insomnia that drugs didn't do.

I've been in the arms of strangers many times and it really does feel different. Hiraeth takes over my body. I won't run away from all these incoherent disorders of thoughts I used to write these lines.

Because when I'll fall asleep

You'll never be the person I'll wake up to again.

Remorse, pain, longing, and joy of rain are pleasures I lost long ago with the storm of your withering.

You came along and taught me the most important lesson for me to understand that

Every fragile feeling in the world is futile

Fleeting away with the wind with no destination to belong beside oneself and that's

The only truth you'll ever need too.

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